Sunday, August 5, 2012

Burnley Bench Tweezers (BBT's)

Hey Guys,
  Here's a few shots of a new product that I have been working on.
This is the prototype and I'm making a few small changes on the final version.

Over the years I've found that I use a few small tool on my bench all the time, one of those was a cheap pair of stainless tweezers. I work out of trays so I'm constantly dealing with small parts rolling in to the corners, or dropping them when I try and scoop them up, and the tweezers really help.

I decided that I was tired of using the cheapies and figured that I could build a better set.

I figure there are enough of us that work with small parts, knives, guns, models, etc that I would make a few sets of these and see if people like them.

The idea will be to offer these as a bespoke tool, something that is much nicer than it needs to be but that is very nice to use. With different options for finish, coloring, texturing, jaw width, carbidized tips etc being available.

These are going to be .050 Ti with stainless standoffs overall length is about 7 inches, the next version will have screws on both sides with the standoffs being threaded.

Let me know what you think.

I apologize for the pic quality on these, took them late at night and didn't set up my light box.


  1. Very cool, Luc! Look forward to more details on these as you get things lined up.

  2. I like them very much, and they look truly useful


  3. i like them too. would definitely consider buying a set.

  4. is this a dagger blade in the top

  5. Hey Sven,
    Its actually two folder blades back to back.