Sunday, December 23, 2012

Blackout Kwaiken Available

Hey Guys,
 I have something really cool ready to roll.

This is a Kwaiken flipper with Chad Nichols Black out damascus, lightning strike carbon fiber scales and my last piece of forged superconductor for the bolsters. The Superconductor has a super tight pattern, almost like a finger print.
The liners and clip have my scratch and polish finish and the blade has mirror polished highlights, the screws and pivot have a spun satin finish.

Good luck and happy holidays :)

As Always this will go to the first person to send an I'll take it email to

Price, $1050.00 + shipping Thanks Guys this one is SOLD

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Existing orders

Hi Guys,
 Just wanted to touch base with those of you that have something in the books.
I'm done with my shows for the year and plugging away on orders now.
There are a few models that I have orders for that I havent been able to get to yet, fixed blades, older folder models etc. I will be trying to work these in as soon as possible.