Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday morning Pelican

 Here's a burly one for you guys.
This Pelican has super thick liners and a .156 thick CPM154 blade, OD G10 scales and a moon glow back spacer.
Heavily contoured scales so it's still a comfortable carry piece.

 $485.00 + shipping This one is sold thanks guys.

Goes to the first to respond-

Oal- 8 1/4
Blade- 3 1/2
Steel- CPM154
Blade width- 1 5/8 at the belly!!
Blade thickness- 5/32
Liners- .100  Super Beefy!
Blade finish- Stonewashed,
Ships with a Bills custom case.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ibis frame lock available

Here's another on ready to go!

Trying to get some interesting stuff up for you guys.
This one has a a two tone 154CM blade, textured and bronze anodized frame, and a titanium Dino back spacer.

As always this will go to the first for respond with an "I'll take it"

Model- Ibis frame lock
Steel- 154CM
Oal- 7 1/4
Blade 3 1/4

Price- $485.00 + shipping This one is sold, thanks.

Monday, September 13, 2010

New Burnley Knives Website

Hey Guys,
 Just wanted to let everyone know that my new website is up and running.There will be a few changes over the next several weeks, more photos, models, pages etc.
I'm very excited about this, please feel free to to shoot me an email if you have any feedback.