Thursday, July 14, 2011

Available Kwaikens 7.14.11

 Haven't been posting on here much lately so I figured I better get some knives up for you guys. :)

If you would like one Respond with an "I'll take it" email

Thanks for looking.

Basic Kwaik specs.
Oal- 7 3/4
Blade- 3 1/2
Thickness 1/8

This first one is something a little different. A double edged Kwaiken, I've only made a few of these and they are mean!
This one dressed out,  d2 with a hybrid Viral/stonewash finish. Green ray skin, and a dragon fly graphic sheath.

This one is $250.00 + $10.00 shipping This one is sold, thanks guys. :)

Next one up is a little more subdued, but still dressy.
Same Hybrid finish but single edged with Black sharkskin.

Price- $215.00 + $10.00 shipping Thanks guys this one is sold.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Bullies available 7.11.11

Hey guys,
 I have few Bullies ready to go;
Both are D2, double edged, with stonewashed finishes.
I have one with green canvas scales and one with black and green G10 in my Topo texture

The G10 model is sold, thanks

Oal- 7 1/4
Blade- 3 1/2
Thickness- 3/16
Sheath- Kydex with tech lock

Your choice $285.00 + $10.00 shipping.

As usual each will go to the first to respond with an I'll take it email. 

Thanks for looking :)