Thursday, December 24, 2009

Squids and Ibis at Steel Addiction

Steel addiction just posted some new knives.
Here's the link. Burnley Knives at S.A

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Available knives

I've got a few kwaikens ready to ship.
Goes to the first to respond with an I'll take it.

First  up.
Steel- A2
Finish- Viral pattern Acid etch
Wrap- Black over Black sharkskin
Extras- Bamboo sheath graphic's

Price: $220.00 plus $10.00 shipping This one is sold.

Next up, is a base model with a satin finish

Steel- A2
Finish- Satin
Wrap- Black over a black base.

Price- $145.00 plus $10.00 shipping. This one is sold!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ibis Available on Knifeart

For anyone looking for one of my Ibis models, there is one available for immediate delivery @
Knife Art

Titanium Kwaikens

I am working on a new run of Titaium Kwaikens, I have a few spots left.Email for information or to be placed on the list.

Depending on Options the price will range from, $165.00 to about $225.00
All Ti Kwaiks come standard with a carbide edge, single color anodizing and a kydex sheath with rip cord set up for IWB carry.

Here is a full dress version, this one features two tone splatter anodizing, Sharkskin sub panels, and my hand cut Bamboo graphics on the sheath.

Foil Prints

I will be doing a small run of my popular Samurai shirt, in black with gold foil.
Email for information or to be added to the list.

The sleeve detail is my modified Zia emblem, Burnley Knives is written across the lower back on the right hip.

This design was done by noted artist Jeff Hayes of Rival Tattoo in Albuquerque NM.


Here's a few shots from a recent batch of Squids.

The Squid, is a compact, liner less frame lock designed with a 2.5 inch blade allowing it to be carried in areas with length restrictions without sacrificing it's utility or defensive capabilities.
The thought process behind it was that of a compact tool, as opposed to a small knife the grip is large enough to provide for a secure grip but still maintain minimal overall dimensions.

New Blog

Hi and welcome to the Burnley knives Blog.
I will be posting current projects, upcoming runs of knives and Finished work.
As well as general Burnley knives info.

Take care.