Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vox, Burnley SETI collaboration Lottery,

Hey Guys,
 Jesper and I just finished up our first collaboration, The SETI folder.

We had a blast building these, the goal with this project was to blend our individual style while also working within a theme. 

After talking we decided to work up design a knife with a Sci Fi feel. 
The kind of  gear that a Deep Space Marine or Mining company Tech might use. 

From there we started working on the initial sketches, we wanted something simple and tough that still had a forward design. Color, texture, construction and form all play their part.

This was a tough build and really pushed our skill sets in terms of design and programming. 
Definitely coming away from this one with a few new tricks. 

Collab's are always interesting due to the fact that you are working in someone else's shop on unfamiliar tools and on a tight timeline, this one was definitely not without its fare share of challenges. 

That said its awesome to be able to work with a good friend, challenge each other, share techniques and talk shop over a few beers at the end of the day.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Lucas and Jesper


Please read instructions thoroughly.

To enter,
 Send an email to with the number of the knife that you are interested in posted in the subject line.

Please include your shipping address and phone number in the email.

You may enter once for each knife that you would like.
E.g. If you want 1 and 3 you would send an email for each.

This will help ensure that if you are drawn its for the version you actually want.

  • Sign up will run from now until 12:00 am EST Friday the 18th
  • Winners will be drawn Friday morning. 
  • you will have two hours from the time I contact you to reply and confirm payment, after which another name will be drawn.
Price- $950 + $15.00 shipping in conus

Payment will be due upon confirmation.

This run is only 8 pieces 2 of each material.

Basic Specs:
Oal- 8 
Blade- 3 1/4
Thickness- 5/32
Steel- CPM154
Scales- Titanium
Pivot Rings- Titanium 

No .1 

No .2

No .3

 No .4

Heres's a few more detail shots.


  1. Gorgeous details; was excited to see these finally come up after watching them develop on Instagram.

  2. Those SETI folders look awesome. The attention to detail is amazing, even down to the pocket clip.