Thursday, November 13, 2014


FRIDAY 11/21
11am   Doors for VIP pass holders and Knifemaker Guild Members
  1pm   Doors open for general public
·        Cypops, Fixed Blades and Swag will be sold first come, first served
·        Preview of lottery knives and Open Bid knife
 6pm    Show closes
10am   Doors open for general public

·         Beep Beep Lottery sign up will run throughout the morning; entries need to be in by 1:30pm.  Winners will be drawn by 2pm.

·        Open Bid knife will close after the Beep Beep lotteries at 2:15pm. The 5 minute rule applies and those not attending are welcome to send bids in via email to:

·          After the open bid, I’ll be doing a Brawlers Only lottery for one knife at 2:30, bring your Brawler’s Badge (or know your number).

6pm    Show closes

SUNDAY 11/23
 9am   Doors for general public

·          I’ll be at my table, so come by and say hello

 3pm   Show closes

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Anso + Burnley Zetta open bid.

Ok in addition to the lottery knives we have one that will be sold via auction.

Current high bid- $2475

This will run untill 6:00 pm MST Monday 3/31
The last bid will stand for 5 minutes to avoid sniping.

To place your bid:
-Send an email to
-include your bid 
-full name phone number and shipping address.

Payment will be due via paypal upon confirmation of win.

Please read thoroughly as incomplete bids will be discarded.

Worldwide shipping will be included with the winning bid.

I will do my best to update the current bid throughout the day.

Model- Zetta flipper
Scales- Niobium
Blade finish- Hollow asymmetrical dagger grind, hand rubbed.

Have fun :)

Anso + Burnley Zetta lottery.

Thanks for all of the entries, the winners have been notified :)

Hey guys,
As some of you know Jens and I just finished up our most recent collaboration.   
For this one we decided to revisit our Zetta design from last year, we did a very small run this time and we have 2 knives that we will be selling via lottery.

To enter:
-Send an email to
-include your full name, shipping address and phone number in the email.

The lottery will run untill 6:00 pm MST Monday 3/31

Winners will be drawn randomly and first drawn will get first choice.

Payment will be upon confirmation of win via paypal.

Price-$1300 + $15 shipping in conus (international rates will vary)

I only use the brnlylotto address for lottery do will not be checking it to answer questions etc. if you need anymore info feel free to post in the comments of this thread.
Please read the details closely as incomplete entries will be discarded.

Model- Zetta flipper
Steel- RWL34

One with Zirconium scales, stonewashed liners and hardware with a stonewashed blade.

One with Titanium scales, bronze anodized liners and heat colored hardware with an acid washed blade.

 Las always thanks for your support and good luck! :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Cypop for the cause.

Hey Guys,
The Holiday season is upon us once again, and I thought it might be cool to do a little fundraiser for the Marine Toys For Tots Drive.

So I'm putting up a Mokuti Toothy Cypop with the Brawler stamp and an Slco pouch as an enticement to donate.

Here's how it will work.

To Enter donate $10.00 through the "Donate" button below.
(you can enter as many times as you like each entry is $10.00 be sure to enter each as a new donation)

Entry will be open until Sunday December 15
Monday I'll use random number Generator to pick a winner.
Worldwide shipping is on me.

Please share this post if you feel so inclined the more the merrier!

If we Break $1000.00 I'll also do a giveaway for another Cypop in the Burnley Knives Group on Facebook.

Have fun and good luck!

(Please be sure and give your full name and any contact info request as I will use this to reach the winner)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Vox, Burnley SETI collaboration Lottery,

Hey Guys,
 Jesper and I just finished up our first collaboration, The SETI folder.

We had a blast building these, the goal with this project was to blend our individual style while also working within a theme. 

After talking we decided to work up design a knife with a Sci Fi feel. 
The kind of  gear that a Deep Space Marine or Mining company Tech might use. 

From there we started working on the initial sketches, we wanted something simple and tough that still had a forward design. Color, texture, construction and form all play their part.

This was a tough build and really pushed our skill sets in terms of design and programming. 
Definitely coming away from this one with a few new tricks. 

Collab's are always interesting due to the fact that you are working in someone else's shop on unfamiliar tools and on a tight timeline, this one was definitely not without its fare share of challenges. 

That said its awesome to be able to work with a good friend, challenge each other, share techniques and talk shop over a few beers at the end of the day.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Lucas and Jesper


Please read instructions thoroughly.

To enter,
 Send an email to with the number of the knife that you are interested in posted in the subject line.

Please include your shipping address and phone number in the email.

You may enter once for each knife that you would like.
E.g. If you want 1 and 3 you would send an email for each.

This will help ensure that if you are drawn its for the version you actually want.

  • Sign up will run from now until 12:00 am EST Friday the 18th
  • Winners will be drawn Friday morning. 
  • you will have two hours from the time I contact you to reply and confirm payment, after which another name will be drawn.
Price- $950 + $15.00 shipping in conus

Payment will be due upon confirmation.

This run is only 8 pieces 2 of each material.

Basic Specs:
Oal- 8 
Blade- 3 1/4
Thickness- 5/32
Steel- CPM154
Scales- Titanium
Pivot Rings- Titanium 

No .1 

No .2

No .3

 No .4

Heres's a few more detail shots.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Status update

Hey Guys,
 This year has been pretty much nonstop, I'm getting ready for my last show of the year and have already started cutting commitments down for 2014.
This year was a bit of a perfect storm with shows, collaborations and outside obligations hitting hard. 

 I figured I would just check in and let everyone know where we're at.

Folder orders-
My books are still closed, and right now its looking like it will be about 3 years till I get to the end of my current list. 
I've been slowly working through it but I'm hoping to be able to put much more time into my orders starting in late November. 

Fixed Blades-
I'm almost done with my fixed blade orders, I have a few Scorpions that I need to finish and a handful of Strikers.
 I know you guys have been waiting a long time, thanks for your patience. 
Shop changes geared towards folder making have effected my set ups and the fix blades have been on hold. I'm going to try and have this sorted out by the end of the year.

Demand for the Cypops is kind of crazy right now, I'm basically trying to fit batches in when I can or running them on weekends to try and keep up.
 The best places to find them right now is still probably here and my forum on the USN, there also seems to be a fair bit of trading going on in the Burnley Knives Group on Facebook.

I'm getting ready for the second run of KIC shirts as well as a new Cypop shirt, I'll post when they are available.

New custom designs-
I'm working on a few new folder designs now but due to my workload its pretty slow going for the time being. This will be one of the areas that I focus on next year, even though my books are closed I am hoping to be able to do some lotteries for new models and special runs.

Factory Collaborations-
Boker is set to release the Kwaiken flipper with full Titanium scales and the Striker fixed blade this fall, no set dates at this point but I will be sure and post if I hear a set date.

Order Cancellations-
If any one would like to cancel an order just shoot me an email, I know the waits are long and focus, finances etc can change so no harm no foul.  :)

Again, thanks for all your patience. 
I know these long waits can be frustrating, but I'm doing my best to keep it as short as possible.



Monday, September 23, 2013

Cypop lotto

Hey guys,
I've got a few (5) Cypop Mech's ready to roll.

Let's run this one as a lottery, if you are interested send an email to

Please include your name, phone number and shipping address.

I'll run this until 5:00 pm mst Tuesday 9/24

One entry per person and payment will be due upon confirmation of win.

Price- $135.00 shipped in conus.

Thanks and good luck :)


Alright guys, all numbers have been drawn and winners have been notified.
Thanks for all the entries, I'll try and get another batch up soon.