Thursday, September 26, 2013

Status update

Hey Guys,
 This year has been pretty much nonstop, I'm getting ready for my last show of the year and have already started cutting commitments down for 2014.
This year was a bit of a perfect storm with shows, collaborations and outside obligations hitting hard. 

 I figured I would just check in and let everyone know where we're at.

Folder orders-
My books are still closed, and right now its looking like it will be about 3 years till I get to the end of my current list. 
I've been slowly working through it but I'm hoping to be able to put much more time into my orders starting in late November. 

Fixed Blades-
I'm almost done with my fixed blade orders, I have a few Scorpions that I need to finish and a handful of Strikers.
 I know you guys have been waiting a long time, thanks for your patience. 
Shop changes geared towards folder making have effected my set ups and the fix blades have been on hold. I'm going to try and have this sorted out by the end of the year.

Demand for the Cypops is kind of crazy right now, I'm basically trying to fit batches in when I can or running them on weekends to try and keep up.
 The best places to find them right now is still probably here and my forum on the USN, there also seems to be a fair bit of trading going on in the Burnley Knives Group on Facebook.

I'm getting ready for the second run of KIC shirts as well as a new Cypop shirt, I'll post when they are available.

New custom designs-
I'm working on a few new folder designs now but due to my workload its pretty slow going for the time being. This will be one of the areas that I focus on next year, even though my books are closed I am hoping to be able to do some lotteries for new models and special runs.

Factory Collaborations-
Boker is set to release the Kwaiken flipper with full Titanium scales and the Striker fixed blade this fall, no set dates at this point but I will be sure and post if I hear a set date.

Order Cancellations-
If any one would like to cancel an order just shoot me an email, I know the waits are long and focus, finances etc can change so no harm no foul.  :)

Again, thanks for all your patience. 
I know these long waits can be frustrating, but I'm doing my best to keep it as short as possible.




  1. Cacaww, indeed.

    - Coolz

  2. cacawww!! keep up the good work my man !

  3. You are in high demand that is for sure but that's a good thing...we love your work and I know that I am excited to see what you get up to next.

    I'm hoping to get in on that shirt run as I missed the last one.

    If you happen to have an extra XL Kwaiken that someone decides not to claim or you just happen to make, I'd love to snag it...especially with CPM 154. Just saying...puttin' it out there. Ha Ha Ha.

    And I'm very very excited to eventually hear that you are ready to make me my very own flipper Kwaiken have no idea. I'll buy the Boker (already have the first one) but having a real Burnley Kwaiken grail knife! (well that and a Southard to be totally honest). And I have no problem waiting as long as it takes.

    So just keep doing what you are doing.


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