Friday, July 26, 2013

Anso/Brnly Zetta collaboration Lottery.

Alright guys,
For those of you that haven't seen it Jens and I have just finished our most recent collaboration, The "Zetta"
 For this one I flew back to Denmark to work in the Anso shop for the duration of the build.
We got pretty ambitious with this and it tested us thoroughly,  after some long nights we finished in time and I was on a plane the next morning. 
 Finally back home and Jens has sent me the finished photography so I'm ready to get this thing started.

For this project we each had a few concepts that we wanted to try, one that we shared was the desire to do a high end all metal folder. We also decided that we wanted to work in some color with out it being overpowering, and to try a new blade steel.
The construction method we chose gave us a number of surfaces and materials to work with while also pushing us to work through problems that we hadn't come across before. 

This is what collaborations are really about for me, pushing yourself, sharing techniques and problem solving.

The result this time, is the Zetta.

Thanks for your support, we hope you enjoy the knives :)


 Here we go.. :)

Please read carefully, running lotteries via email can be a bit tricky.

Zetta Lottery.

To enter,
 Send an email to with the number of the knife that you are interested in posted in the subject line.

Please include your shipping address and phone number in the email.

You may enter once for each knife that you would like.
E.g. If you want 1 and 3 you would send an email for each.

This will help ensure that if you are drawn its for the version you actually want.

  • Sign up will run from now until 10:00 am MST Sunday the 28th
  • After sign up is closed I will draw names and email the winners
  • you will have two hours from the time I contact you to reply and confirm payment, after which another name will be drawn.
Price- $1500.00 + $30.00 shipping

This run is only 10 pieces 2 of each material.

Basic Specs:
Oal- 9.9
Blade- 3.9
Thickness- 5/32
Steel- Takefu, Super gold 2 
Scales- Titanium
Inlays- Assorted

#1  Bronze

#2 Niobium

#3 Timascus

#4 Zirconium

#5 Mokume

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  1. so how I was hoping if I can win one of your knives there really gorgeous and I'm a fan of your work good job on the knives