Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1 off Zetta open bid auction

Hey Guys,
 With this Zetta we wanted to up the game a bit increasing the complexity of the build and the difficulty of fit and finish, while still keeping the design subtle and refined. Somewhat ;)

The handle scales have been made of a tight pattern Timascus 
with inlays of blackened Zirconium. 

 We decided to take the concept a little further by adding a peekaboo inlay of niobium into the back of each  scale, these inlays are only visible from the back of the handle. The Niobium is anodized a very vibrant blue to contrast with the Timascus. 
The Zetta features an asymmetrical blade with a duplex grind on the right side and a dagger grind on the left.

We will sell this knife via open bid auction. To place a bid please email Lucas at brnlylotto@gmail.com 

Also if you would like to send your maximum bid, I am happy to auto increase in $100.00 increments until you have won or been out bid. This may be easier for some depending on location.

I will post occasional updates in a few different places.  You can check in the comments section of this post, my forum on the USN as well as the Facebook pages for both Jens and myself.

This should give everyone a way to keep track of the progress.

The auction will run until Wednesday July 31st at 8.00 PM EST

To avoid any last minute sniping the auction will run 5 mins after the last bid. 

We will cover the cost of shipping worldwide for the winning bidder.

Basic Specs:
Oal- 9.9
Blade- 3.9
Thickness- 5/32
Steel- Takefu, Super gold 2
Scales- Timascus
Inlays front- Zirconium
Inlays back – Niobium
This auction will start with no minimum bid.

Whether you are bidding or not, thank you for following the progress of this most recent build.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

 Have fun and good luck!

 Lucas and Jens