Friday, February 3, 2012

Flash orders

This is something new that I'm going to try.
A lot of times after running a batch of knives I will end up with a few pieces extra that either aren't exactly what anyone has on order or an order that someone has canceled, usually I just finish these out how I want and send them out to my mailing list. I also have knives that I'm not really making anymore or were prototypes etc.

The flash Order is an idea that I came up with to try something a little different.

Basically, I'll post up a knife that is in progress, it might be a heat treated blank, it may have scales cut, the blade ground or be almost finished etc.

If someone decides that they want it, they can then have some control over how its finished, depending on where its at you might be able to pick the type of grind, the handle material, back spacer or blade finish etc.

The bonus is that there will basically be no wait time, maybe a week or two at most before you get your order.

I was thinking this might be a little more interactive way of selling available knives, I wont stop posting stuff to my mailing list but offer this in addition.


So here's the first one.

This is a raven with a clip point blade in CPM 154
It's set up for Ti bolsters and carbon scales...BUT if you want something else let me know, maybe full Lightning strike scales?? Od micarta?
Want it textured? cool. Maybe Viral finish, handrubbed, two tone?
IKBS or washers?

Lots of ways to go,

Base price is $550.00 Thanks guys this one is sold :)

Set up with bolsters and carbon Fiber it would $675.00

Goes to the first person to respond with an I'll take it! 

Here's a finished one just for reference (different blade shape)

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