Sunday, February 26, 2012

Boker/Burnley Kwaiken collaboration

 Just got the go ahead from Boker to release these pictures.

This is the prototype for my first collaboration with Boker, The Kwaik has been my most popular model to date and I cant wait for the factory version to debut.
I haven't held one yet but from the pictures it looks like they nailed it, the fit and finish is spot on.

This one doesn't have the logos on it yet, and one that it will be getting is the IKBS logo!

Titanium liners, green canvas micarta scales and IKBS, this should be a sweet edc.

The Kwaiken will be out in Bokers spring catalog

Really looking forward to these hitting the streets!


  1. Good job sir!


  2. Congrats, Luc! They look great.

  3. Awesome, how do these collaborations come about?

  4. Looks great, but is the thumbstud removable?

    Stupid German laws...