Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pelicans available

Hey guys,
 These are the first two Pelican that I have done in I believe 2 years, and with these there are 4 total :)
I apologize for the picture quality I was in a hurry to get these up, there are a few smudges on the blade that must be oil or the like. I will try and take some better shots tonight.

Oal- 8 1/4
Blade- 3 1/2
Steel- 154CM
Blade width- 1 5/8 at the belly!!
Blade thickness- 1/8
Liners- .070 bronze anodized.
Blade finish- 1 stonewashed, 1 Acid etched.

Price- your choice $450.00 each plus shipping. please respond with an "I'll take it" email to burnleyknives@comcast.net

The stonewashed model is sold, thanks!
Whoops, forgot to mention that the acid etched is sold as well.

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