Thursday, August 26, 2010

New collab!

Hey Guys, here's a new project that I am really excited about.
About a year ago my good friend and jeweler extraordinaire Pat Pruitt and I started talking about doing a collaboration,
We were finally able to start working on these a few months ago and are getting ready to finish the first knives of the run this weekend.
Here's a link to Pat's site for those of you unfamiliar with his work.

This project will consist of 40 knives total, 30 of which are going to be available. 10+ were already spoken for when the prototype was shown at a show that Pat attended this past week.

We should have 10+ at the USN show in Las Vegas next weekend, and the rest we will take orders on. We are keeping 10 of them for a long term project....

I will post more pictures as we work on these. :)

Specs: Frame Lock Folder
Size: 3.75" closed, 6" open
Frame: 6AL4V
Scale: 6Al4V, G10, Carbon Fiber
Blade: S30V
Each will be numbered, and come in its own fitted pelican case.

Inside Frame lock side....

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