Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cypop's available

Hey Guys,
 Just finished the second batch of Cypops,

I have 5 available, as always these will go to the first people to respond with an I'll take it email
to burnleyknives@gmail.com
One per person please.

These are .165 titanium, bronze anodized.

The price is $85.00 shipped in conus, (international shipping will be around $15.00)

SOLD OUT, thanks guys :)
Those went really fast, I'll try and have some more up soon. 

For those of you that havent seen these yet, here is the application. 
Bottle opener, crime fighter, worry stone :)


  1. Very usefull beer opener :) Will check your website sometime to see when you make other like that.

  2. What is a worry stone? I def. want in on the next batch. Thanks!

  3. Been a while since a batch. ehh?

  4. I would like one !! Can I order one ?

  5. Just discovered this awesome tool. Will there be another run? I am interested in a plain Ti cypop.

    Thank you!

  6. I'd sure like to get a plain TI cypop as well