Friday, March 26, 2010

Static cord pictorial

Alright guys,
Here's a quick rundown of how a static cord works.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions.

Basically, it is a very simple and efficient method for carrying a knife inside the waistband (IWB)
As we all know there is no one perfect carry method of carry, it all comes down to your personal needs/situation. Also, as with any tool it is only as good as your training/Mindset allows.

  • Take your belt and run it through the end of the cord, I carry mine strong side edge in, one of the nice things about this system is the different carry options, which you will see later.

  • From here, take the knife and insert it into your waistband, you can vary the grip angle and location to your liking.

  • More importantly you can adjust it to suit your position, what I mean by this is that, say you sit down in a car with you knife IWB like in the first photo, your grip is now pointing directly into the seat back. So you just slide the knife to the front, now you can access your knife quickly without rolling around like a dying fish.

  • You can also easily carry behind the back.

  • Another method is to drop the knife into your pocket, this is great if your are working and will need the knife frequently.

  • To draw just hook your thumb through the cord.

  • When you draw the knife, the sheath will be pulled from your waistband, and stop short at the end of the cord.

  • This also means that the knife will clear your body before it is unsheathed, this obviously doesn't matter in all situations but if your are drawing from a compromised or awkward position I believe it is noteworthy.

  • This system is, in my opinion perfectly suited for drawing in a reverse grip (edge in or out), which I believe is a very strong method for defensive purposes.

  • Another benefit of this carry method is the ease of re sheathing, One of the draw backs of Standard IWB carry is that when you go to re sheath your have to dig round in your waistband looking for the opening, which in the dark or while moving becomes very inconvenient. With this, your simply bringing your thumbs together, very simple and very efficient.

  • Also, if you want to be even more discreet you can just drop the knife down your pant leg.

  • At which point the only component showing will be the loop, you can still draw the knife it's just not as quick.


  1. Dude, you should have used Mindi as a model. That would get your traffic up. Plus, you wouldn't have had to hold your stomach in for the pics.

  2. Thanks Luc, this is a great pic tutorial. I've never seen this carry method before but I'm going to try it now for sure. And I especially like the ease of re-sheathing this way. Good info.

  3. hello!

    i bought one of your d2 kwaikens from nino lopez of x.o. knives and i have to say i love your work man. i collect knives and this is the pride of my collection right now, i carry it everywhere with me, and the static line carry method works well for your kwaikens. there are times i have to double take to see if its still in my pocket or even the small of my back.

    anyway, i'm a fan. keep it up! and again, great work.

    relly carpio